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Updated Edition of this Groundbreaking Book by

Dying at Home:
A Family Guide for Caregiving

A comprehensive guide for those caring for
a loved one nearing the end of life.
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About Dr. sankar

Andrea Sankar, a medical anthropologist and gerontologist, heads the Medical Anthropology Program in the Department of Anthropology at Wayne State University.  She is co-author, with Jaber Gubrium, of The Home Care Experience.

She is an international expert in caregiving and end of life with NIH funded research. Also faculty at the Institute of Gerontology, she is co-founder and co-director of the Social Work and Anthropology doctoral program. The former editor of Medical Anthropology Quarterly, Sankar was named Michiganian of the Year in 1995 for her work on HIV/AIDS.


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This is a practical handbook for family caregivers who decide to take on the challenge of caring for loved ones who are dying at home. Dying at home is a concrete, down-to-earth guide for those who need to learn everything from handling bed sores and incontinence to interviewing doctors and dealing with

insurance questions.


Dr. Sankar addresses a variety of issues related to caring for a dying loved one: taking the patient home to die, dealing with home care professionals, caregiving dilemmas, the assets and liabilities of social support, caring for the caregiver, demystifying death, and the aftermath of death. Sankar does an excellent job providing valuable assistance to anyone who decides to follow this difficult path.


American Psychological Association

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